Kmode Exception Not Handled Windows 10 – Solution Guide

Kmode Exception Not Handled Windows 10, BSODs are a common Windows error, but they can be tricky to diagnose without the right information.

If you’re experiencing one of these Blue Screen mayhappen errors on your computer—nvlddmkm.sys blue screen issues igdkmd64- System Service Exception etc.

and get an unusual code message from windows this could help determine what kind problem it is with hardware in question

kmode exception not handled windows 10, The process involves restarting the machine when prompted by either Automatic Repair Many users have been experiencing a recently-uncovered error in their operating system named “KMODE Exception Not Handled”.

This is not an uncommon problem, kmode exception with many people reporting the same issue for Windows 8 as well. We’ve found some effective ways to fix this ‘noisy’ bug that may be affecting you too!

What is Kmode Exception Not Handled?

windows kmode exception not handled, A Kernel Mode Program causing an exception and unable to be identified by the error handler could cause a system crash. There will usually be an 0x0000001E code, leading into loop reboot or other unforeseen consequences such as losing data when running applications in compatibility mode with Excel 2003 SP2 installed (Microsoft Office).

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Turn off fast startup

windows 10 kmode exception not handled, Windows fast startup is a feature that users can set for their own preference. It’s available on Windows 8/10 systems, which works similarly to the hybrid sleep mode in previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system – with some interesting differences!

Fast Boot saves your computer state during power down by creating hibernation files so you’ll be able start up quicker from time-to-time; however there are also risks associated when troubleshooting kernel reloading process or driver installation because these tasks take longer than usual without this function enabled (which means more waiting around).

Sometimes BSOD errors occur due either lackadaisical shutdown procedures causing KMODE exceptions not handled properly

In order to fix the Kmode Exception Not Handled error follow our steps given below

  1. just press Win + R (for Run) and input “Control panel”. Hit Enter when complete! Control panel
  2. Now you have to Search for the Power Options Power Options
  3. The simply Click Choose what the power buttons do Choose what the power buttons do
  4. After that you have to Change settings that are currently unavailable Change settings that are currently unavailable
  5. Finally now you can Untick the choice Turn on fast startup, then Click Save changes and exit Turn on fast startup

After you fix the settings, it’s time to restart your computer and see if that pesky Kmode Exception Not Handled error has been removed.


kmode exception not handled, In this article we have discussed about an error which many face called kmode exception not handled windows 10.

now there are many explanation for this topic all over but we have researched and gathered the best information for you to get it done easily.

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