Forex Interest Calculator Usage and Calculation Result According to Trader Union

Forex interest calculator

Forex interest Calculator helps to simulate, by simply providing the expected qualifications, how much money and addresses to exchange, in value, in the event that the position is closed for profit or misfortune. It works by resetting the exchange rate that opens at a certain price and closes similarly at a certain price, and what will be the financial effect and the number of pipelines for profit or misfortune.

It can also be used to quickly get cash and pipelines for how much money will be considered if, deliberately, the trader changes the pre-selected exchange method and thus mimics bad luck.

How to use the Forex interest calculator

There are following steps to use forex interest calculator

  1. Choose the instrument from the dropdown list.
  2. Specify the lot size (not less than 0.01).
  3. Choose the leverage value.
  4. Choose the account base currency.
  5. Click “Calculate”.

The calculation results are displayed below the forex profit calculator.

  • Server :

By using this calculator, you can obtain data for ECN, Prime, and Pro accounts.

  • Contract Size :

This is the size of your position in the base currency, taking into account the lot value you have chosen.

  • Point Value 

 The cost of one pip in the account currency.

  • Spread 

 The spread value in pips and the account currency.

  • Swap Short/Swap Long

  Swap values in pips and the account currency.

  • Margin 

The amount of funds in the account currency that are required to maintain an open position.

  • Commission 

 The commission amount charged on ECN and Prime accounts.

If you want to make changes to the initial numbers, simply specify the other values and click “Calculate” again.

Trader union explain forex interest Calculator for more information click here.

Detailed Review of LegacyFX

LegacyFX is a worldwide Forex intermediary, whose errand is to furnish its clients with ideal working circumstances. The organization began was established in 2017 and has over and over got grants in the “Quickest developing Broker” class. LegacyFX offers a helpful exchanging terminal with cutting edge usefulness, an adequate number of fluid instruments, and dealers can involve exchanging robots for their work.

The representative additionally gives exchanging signals, because of which brokers can work on the consequences of exchanging meetings. The benefit is likewise the accessibility of projects: speculation, subsidiary, and steadfastness programs. Attributable to them, clients approach automated revenue and monetary rewards.

LegacyFX by the numbers:

The organization offers north of 200 exchanging instruments various gatherings.

  • There are 7 sorts of exchanging accounts accessible to brokers.
  • The most extreme influence is 1:200.
  • The help administration works 5 days every week.
  • No commissions for account recharging and withdrawal of assets.
  • The typical commission for exchanging money matches is from 1 pip.

Useful services of the LegacyFX broker:

  • Monetary schedule. This part presents occasions of global financial importance that might influence the Forex market. Occasions are arranged by significance and day of the week.
  • Signals. Here you can find data on which instruments will possibly bring benefit.
  • Number crunchers. There are 3 number crunchers accessible: Fibonacci, Pivot, and one for computing exchange measures and assessing possible dangers.
  • Market news. Here merchants can gain the most recent news from the universe of Forex and the global economy.
  • Exchanging Hours. In this part, you can find the plan of the market for various exchanging instruments.
  • AutoChartist. This program permits you to get a point by point and precise investigation of the market circumstance so dealers can design the execution of specific exchanges.


  • The agent’s site is introduced in a few dialects.
  • PAMM accounts are accessible for venture.
  • The dealer gives a segment containing broad instructive materials.
  • The organization has Islamic records that don’t charge for trades.
  • LegacyFX is managed by VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission).
  • A great many instruments to work on the effectiveness of exchanging is available.
  • Client accounts are safeguarded from negative adjusts.
  • Clients’ cash is kept in discrete records, to which the dealer doesn’t approach.

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