7 Important Safety Tips When Betting Online

Online betting can be fun and lucrative, but the first thing you should consider is safety. After all, we’re talking about money constantly going in and out, and that alone should be reason enough for extra caution. 

The internet harbors scammers and hackers with virtually endless creativity, so let’s talk about the things you can do to stay safe while gambling online. 

  1. Make sure your online betting platform of choice is licensed 

The very first thing you should check is whether the betting platform you choose is licensed or not. All serious online platforms have a set of rules they follow. The fulfillment of these rules is needed for the betting platform to earn a license that guarantees that both the bettor and company play fair. 

You can usually find the licenses and rules in the about section on the website. While the chances that an unlicensed betting platform stays online aren’t high, they’re never zero. 

  1. Use a secure network 

The safest way to bet online is from your secured home network, but that may not always be possible. 

Most people enjoy betting from their phones, with a significant portion of bettors doing so from their PCs and laptops. We can safely assume that a lot of those sessions go through an open or public WiFi. This raises some safety concerns. 

If you like to bet on the go, here are a few things you should remember: 

  • If possible, avoid using open and/or public WiFi (if the WiFi is unencrypted, a hacker may be able to breach your data) 
  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) such as Nord VPN to add a layer of security while on the internet 
  • Update your OS and anti-malware software whenever possible 

The best way to combat malicious attempts to steal your data is through prevention. Stay vigilant and use common sense. Speaking of…

  1. Never give out your credentials 

Your credentials are for your eyes only, be it for an online betting platform or for anything else. But, since online betting requires you to log in and set up your payment information, you should be extra careful. 

Remember, if someone asks you for your credentials for whatever reason, do not comply! Login data, like your username and password, is something official support agents never ask for. 

  1. Do some research 

Before you commit to an online betting site, do some research and find out what other bettors say about it. You can start with reviews and ratings to see if the platform had any past issues and whether they were responsive to inquiries or not. 

The best online betting sites will always consider the bettors’ feedback. A nice report system is a sure sign of a reputable platform

  1. Use a trusted payment method 

Another sign of a good betting platform is the payment methods they support. Remember those licenses we talked about? Well, a legit online betting site will have proper payment methods licenses. For example, Visa and MasterCard are some of the most popular payment systems used online. 

Shady, unknown payment systems are a red flag, and you should probably avoid them entirely. 

  1. Avoid installing additional clients 

If you use a computer or a laptop to bet online, this tip is for you! 

The internet, alongside our web browsers, evolved past the need for additional software installation. Since then, it’s considered bad practice to ask bettors to install additional software (clients, apps, plugins, etc.). 

Some bettors still do this out of habit because a separate app was necessary to bet back in the old days of online betting. But nowadays, you’ll likely get adware malware with the client. So, it’s best to avoid the hassle altogether and stick to websites that don’t ask you to install anything. 

  1. Read the terms and conditions before you bet 

Lastly, this is a plea for the 90% of us that don’t read the terms and conditions. Please spare 5 minutes to go through the document and make sure that there aren’t any legal traps in there. 

Yes – it’s boring, and no – there isn’t an easier way to do it. But, at the end of the day, you can rest assured that the online betting platform you chose plays fair.

Stay safe! 

As you can see, prevention is key when it comes to online betting safety. Follow these simple tips so you can focus on the process itself. 

To recap – find a licensed platform, never give out credentials, use a secure network (and a VPN), check the payment methods, and don’t install any additional software. 

Oh, and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions!

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