What Is Video Marketing and Why Is It So Important for Your Business?

The ultimate aim of every business, no matter how small or big, is for the customers to purchase their product or service. In order for the customers to do so, the product has to create an impact on them. What better way to generate powerful emotions in customers than adding a video of your product or service?

The need for a middleman is completely eliminated and businesses can directly speak to their target audience. The influence that video marketing had on the growth of companies is so huge that more and more businesses are incorporating it into their digital marketing strategy. Video marketing is here to stay. So, if you are looking forward to taking your business to the next level, try making it a part of your digital marketing plan.

What is Video Marketing?

A method of marketing where the video is used to send across a message or information about products and services across various social media platforms is what is known as video marketing. You can get the attention of your audience and engage them more with the help of video content rather than a blog or a podcast. Single video content can be used in multiple ways at different places of the website to gain more views and customer engagement. Video Marketing is one of the most favorite tools of digital marketers and rightly so. 

What are the different types of video used for Video Marketing?

  • Demo video: Demo videos, as the name suggests, demonstrate to customers how to use a particular product or make use of a certain service offered by the company. Any doubts on the functioning and performance of a product can be clarified this way. 
  • Interactive video: This type of video help companies interact with their customers and thereby create a bond with them. Such videos are designed to attract a specific group of customers, making them more focused and impactful.
  • Video Blogs: Vlogging is one of the most effective ways to pique the interest of your customers in your business and the highest customer engagement is seen in this type of video. One of the most important elements that is essential for a successful vlog is a portable LED light. This light can be easily carried around, and they are durable, so they can last you through all your shootouts. These lights are also very cheap, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot on one

Why is it important for your business?

Video marketing is not just important, but also essential for the digital marketing plan of a company. Research shows that the percentage of companies that started incorporating video content in their website and social media increased from 63 to 81 in just a single year! In earlier years, video marketing was something done by big companies with bigger budgets. But that is a story of the past as more and more companies have made video marketing a staple part of their marketing plan. If you have still not made the much-needed transition to video marketing, then here are 7 reasons why you should do so right now:

  1. Helps you build a long-term relationship with customers

Almost all experienced business owners agree on the fact that a loyal customer base is the strongest foundation on which any successful business is built. In order to create a long-term relationship with customers, it is essential to create a sense of trust. One of the easiest ways for customers to build trust in your company is through video marketing. As you visually represent your company, you can use unique ways to connect with your target audience and gradually build a great relationship. 

  1. Increases your search engine rankings

If you have video content on your website, it increases the chances of making your website visible almost 50 times! Yes, you read that right. If you have a YouTube channel as well, make sure to optimize the content there for SEO as well. Google now shows video content before written ones as it has more customer engagement and people spend more time watching videos than reading a blog. 

  1. Creates brand awareness

Creating videos for your website helps visually represent your company. You can judiciously use this platform to create a unique identity of your own and people can connect with it better through videos. More and more people become aware of who you are and what you represent. 

  1. More entertaining and engaging than other types of content

The human brain tends to retain information more when they are in the form of video. This can be used to the advantage of marketers by creating engaging videos to increase the reach of their products and service. Also, catchy content is umpteen times more attractive and entertaining than any other form of content, which gives video marketing such power over other streams of marketing. 

  1. Higher Return On Investment

Most businesses who still haven’t deployed video marketing hold back from using it because let’s be honest, video marketing is not exactly the cheapest form of marketing available out there. But the results have shown that companies make many times more money than what they had spent on making the video marketing plan and executing it. So if you are willing to spend some money on it, video marketing is sure to give it back to you in double. 

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  1. Videos are better optimized for mobile users

As more and more people use their mobile phones to browse through content rather than their desktops or laptops, the only kind of content that seems to gain their attention the most is video content. Videos look more good on mobile screens than written content, making it the best tool to reach thousands of your potential customers.

  1. You can explain even the toughest topics with the video 

Explainer videos are gaining more and more traction in the digital realm as companies realize how much such videos have helped in the launch of their new products and services. As the video clearly explains how to use a particular product or service, it becomes much easier for customers to follow it and then use the product efficiently. 


Video Marketing is here to stay and the sooner you get on with the trend, the better for your business. The staggering results that companies see after deploying video marketing to their digital marketing plan are proof enough that it can take your business to the next level. You can also hire a professional digital marketing company to help you plan and curate the right kind of video content for your business. 

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