How To Add Reminder in Outlook Email Attachments 2020

This page explains how to add reminder in outlook email attachments step by step with video guide.

Please Note: Our website no longer supports ‘Attachments Reminder 2.0‘. That is why we are releasing this easy tutorial for you.

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How To Add Reminder in Outlook Email Attachments

Below are the steps to create an appointment and set reminders:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click on the calendar icon at bottom left corner.
  3. Select ‘New Appointment‘ under the home tab.
  4. Search for the bell icon and choose your reminder time. Example: if 5 minutes is selected, the reminder will trigger just five minutes before the event.
    add reminder in outlook email-min
  5. Fill all the details like subject, location, start and end time.
  6. Click on ‘Save & Close‘.

You can now open the calendar and verify that the event day is highlighted with blue color with reminder details on it.

Final Words: We hope that you are able to add reminder in Microsoft outlook email attachments using the above steps. Let us know if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions in the comments below.

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