Fix Samsung TV HDMI No Signal Problem – 8 Solutions in 2023

Samsung tv not recognizing HDMI input, the Samsung brand is well-known in electronics, especially television and computer ports. In recent times, digital televisions have replaced analog because of their convenience.

Televisions with HDMI ports can attach to external sources for both video and audio signals.

Samsung offers a wide range of LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and Crystal TVs. All these choices will give you an excellent picture as well as great sound with different interfaces. The most common input used to connect a device with your television is HDMI.

Wired internet connections are slowly giving way to wireless ones, but there’s no denying that wired ones are still the cheapest and give you the best signal.

HDMI, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are the newer brands for connecting input and output devices, like a laptop .

You can connect a Samsung TV to your laptop with this cable to stream HD videos from Netflix using an app like Amazon Video or Hulu.

In many new Samsung televisions, the HDMI port is built-in. It can be used both for video and audio output. There are a few different types of HDMI cables that are generally used to connect input and output parts of the HDMI port.

The HDMI transfers content digitally, so your picture and sound quality usually stays superb if you use only official cables from reputable manufacturers.

If your Samsung does not recognize HDMI inputs from your cable box, Roku device, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Windows computer, you may need to identify the cause of the problem. There are a few steps to take to solve this type of issue.

Test Samsung TV motherboard

Samsung TVs have a tendency to have HDMI port issues that may be directly related to the motherboard.

Therefore, when an external device is connected via HDMI, this malfunction can also affect other areas of the TV and cause more problems than simply not being able to use all of the ports.

Sometimes it’s necessary to replace the entire board if it becomes defective, whether it be from faulty wiring or blown out circuits and capacitors.

But a good technician will sometimes opt to solder the loose wiring and replace any defective capacitors in order to make this issue manageable.

It may also be useful to check online for what DIY videos are available for repairing HDMI input ports.

If that doesn’t happen, and you still can’t see the picture, call your TV technician to check the inner details.

Check out external sources

Cable boxes are often affected by this problem. HD cable boxes needed for operating the TV with the best possible picture quality offer HDMI outputs that you can connect to the HDMI input on a modern smart Samsung television capable of displaying movies in 1080p high definition.

When an external source signal is disrupted by lightning or thunder, you will see a red screen on your Samsung TV. The cable relay will be automatically reset and reconnected shortly.

HDMI input and output ports achieve nothing. This is a temporary problem.

How to Choose the Right HDMI Source

Designing a new TV set should be challenging, but we believe our engineers have been able to overcome a lot of the issues we were having earlier.

Most of the TV sets designed by Samsung these days come with more than one HDMI port so that users can easily connect external devices without having to move them around to another input.

To select your HDMI source, you will first need to check which HDMI port the cable is connected to on your display and then use your TV remote to select that source.

In general, all of the ports will have a blue light next to them once they are selected (it’s a good idea to double check right after selecting one just in case)

The ports should always work even if the indicators don’t light up. In case they are not working, you need to check your TV and make sure that every HDMI source is active on your TV display.

Reconnect your HDMI cables

Usually, a loose connection between the HDMI cable and the port is responsible for Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input. So all you have to do is make sure that the HDMI cable end is properly inserted and tightened.

A lot of people don’t realize that during a thunderstorm you might experience some issues with your HDMI cables. To fix them, all you need to do is disconnect and reconnect the cable until the problem goes away.

HDMI cable messed up

Sometimes, when using an HDMI cable to connect Samsung devices to external sources such as a gaming console or Apple TV through your HDMI input, the external source can seem unresponsive.

This is because there is an issue with the connection itself, and not necessarily with your Samsung device.

Try a new HDMI cable to see if the Samsung TV recognizes the external source. If it does, then you are certain that the cable is faulty and you need to fix it. hdmi-cable-not-working 1

External source of error

There are a variety of devices that can be connected to the HDMI ports on your Samsung TV.

One example is a laptop running Windows 10 or 11. To get the picture on your TV, the source should be turned on and working perfectly.

Choosing the right Samsung product for your Windows 10 computer is essential if you are an avid user of multiple monitors. The HDMI port might not be working or there isn’t any way to tell if the device is turned on or not.

storms may cause your HDMI cable box to not turn off or on automatically. Check the external device, reconnect the cables and enable options in Samsung TV again.

Update the Samsung TV software

Samsung’s new HDMI-connected TVs come in at just the right time. They are typically digital HD products. Many of them have firmware installed.

Depending on the version of your TV, a new OS might have been installed. You can update the Samsung TV software as needed when possible.

Go to Settings > Support > Software Updates > Update Now

Reset Samsung TV to factory settings

There is no issue if the above upgrade works. However, you may need to restore your factory setting if it does not work. If this happens, your TV’s software status will be restored to its previous state when you purchased the TV. (18 words)

Since it worked before, the rules are still good. Don’t update. Keep the old one. Here’s how to factory reset it. samsung-tv-factory-reset 2

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Enter your reset pin

Samsung tv not recognizing HDMI input, in general, it is and confirms a reset. You should get your old firmware back. Otherwise, contact your dealer for the PIN and this information.

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