Fix Skype Not Working or Opening in Windows 8.1 – Some Solutions

Fix skype not opening working windows 8.1, I recently went to install Skype, and I got a strange error message. It said “Skype will not run on this version of Windows” or something along those lines.

So I tried reinstalling it, but now something else happened. Now when I try to reinstall it, there’s an amendment saying that the installation fails because it conflicts with something called “System Data Inter-Services.” time-to-get-a-new-skype-app 1

I felt like something wasn’t right and so I uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop Skype app, but the error was still there along with a message box popping up.

Windows cannot find ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. skype-not-opening-windows-8.1 2

So I tried to reach out to the original path and find the executable myself. I clicked on the Skype.exe, with administrative privileges.

Fix skype not opening working windows 8.1

But it still gave me the same error. So I thought, this was something related to 64 bit and would not work on this version of Windows 8.1.

Since 32 bit was working on the other release of Windows 8.1 that was already up and running on my laptop earlier.

This was not a strictly positive experience though because I was caught off guard by never receiving the answer or solution to my problem and then I just got a link that could potentially cause me even more harm.

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So, I have 2 questions: why is this site linked to in the “Skype Community” forum and whether Microsoft places ads on/in their software?

There was a free trial for this software. I used it for two weeks, but I didn’t like it so I uninstalled the program.

However, apparently some of the features still lingered in my system registry because when I tried to launch another program several days later, it wouldn’t open.

The Solution

It’s very satisfying when an edit you make to your registry is successful! If this is the first time you have ever edited your registry, then before making any changes we would urge you to backup your device.

Google for instructions on how to do so and once finished we welcome you to take it from here.

Press the Win+R keys together, which will open the Run box. Type “regedit”. Now navigate to the following key in the registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

Under the last key, you can see several sub-keys. Find one key named “skype.exe” and delete it. Then close the registry. If possible try to do a restart. This should fix your error, caused by the Tune-Up remnants.

I also searched other forum posts during my problem resolution. I found that several other users were having problems with skype not opening in Windows 8.1 and most of the times.

You can post your problem on if you have a question specifically about using the skype application on windows 8.1!’ delete-skype-registry 3

However, some users who have updated from Windows 8 to 8.1 are experiencing difficulties. For example, Skype has compatibility issues with Windows 8.1 causing it not to be able to connect to the local network properly when using Skype.

The solution is simple: Update Skype to the latest version by downloading and installing Skype 6.1 on your computer.

If you haven’t yet done so, don’t forget you will also need .NET 3.5 framework as it doesn’t get installed by default in Windows 8/8.1.

You can usually find helpful answers about any problems you’re experiencing with Skype by posting the error code you get to a community in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

If your log is named “application” and you want to upload it from Windows XP, here’s how:

Open Windows Event Viewer -> Custom Views -> Administrative Events. Look for recent error messages with timestamp corresponding to Skype crash. Copy and paste the text from the General tab.

Sometimes the main.db history file can become corrupted. This can be viewed using a free 3rd party application, SkypeLogView.

If you’re able to view this file in Windows 7 or 8, then it may be a different problem and you should run that system’s DirectX Diagnostics tool ( dxdiag.exe ) and save the results to a file that you should zip prior to sending.

There’s an issue with the webcam drivers. One user has this USB2.0 HD UVC webcam which means he uses it on his laptop.

But didn’t update to the latest version of Windows 8.1 and his issue is related to some graphic driver issues regarding compatibility issues he has been experiencing from time to time.

If you have an Intel HD Graphics display adapter, please update it to the latest version. The latest driver version should be at least v10.18.10.3304.

Sometimes there can be problems with virtual web camera applications like CyberLink YouCam when running Skype – so if you have a webcam installed and your camera won’t work for video calls then please uninstall it before reporting a problem to us about your web camera!

Sometimes, you experience problems with your IE installed on your system. If this is the case, we recommend that you un-install and re-install IE9.

Windows Control Panel -> Program and Features -> View installed updates -> Microsoft Windows -> Windows Internet Explorer 11.

Another user in 2016, connected to the Internet and Skype through a proxy. This created a problem. First of all, you need to clear the proxy settings in your computer’s registry.

Type: regedit.exe and press Enter

delete the Skype keys from:




Now change the Proxy settings.

Recently, there was an issue with Intel HD Graphics drivers. In 2015, there was no 8.1 driver from Intel for these graphics cards yet and installing a generic driver from another company didn’t solve the problem either.

Fix skype not opening working windows 8.1, but then this particular solution saved the day.

Try to reset all Skype settings.

Quit Skype or use Windows Task Manager to kill any Skype.exe process. Go to Windows Start and in the Search/Run box type %appdata% and then press Enter or click the OK button.

The Windows File Explorer will pop up. There locate a folder named “Skype”. Rename this folder to something different, e.g. Skype_old.Next go to Windows Start and in the Search/Run box type %temp%\skype and then press Enter or click the OK button. Delete the DbTemp folder.

Restart Skype.

N.B. If needed, you will still be able to re-establish your call and chat history. Fix skype not opening working windows 8.1 All data is still saved in the Skype_old folder.

From July 7th, 2015, the Microsoft Corporation will no longer support the Skype App when used on Windows 8 Platforms.

But if you use any of the regular versions of Windows 8 or 8.1 (such as Home and Professional Editions), then your computer will work as usual.

If the above solutions didn’t help you out, try getting rid of the KB3003667 update. You can do so by following the steps.

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